Qashqai Kilim - 140 x 128cm

Qashqai Kilim - 140 x 128cm


This is a one of a kind, Qashqai Saddle bag rug from Iran. This rug was hand-knotted by the Nomadic group know as the Qashqai; who travel in and around the south western regions of Iran, nearby the city of Shiraz. The piece would have been used as a covering for a horse, which is why the piece has this unusual shape. The rug itself is a flat-weave or, kilim and therefore doesn’t have a pile. It is however, embroidered with animal motifs such as horses, birds and camels. Its is an exceptionally hard wearing piece and is finely woven to ensure its durability. These pieces can be difficult to come by even when searching overseas and, as such are considered to be a real treasure.

Product Code:0519-2037

Material: Wool

Origin: Iran

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