When selecting a carpet, in addition to deciding on style and colour, considering the size of your intended carpet is an important decision also. It is important to consider the proportion of the carpet (in relation to the room) and the configuration of the furniture. There are a range of variations that are popular, as shown below.


It is useful having both the minimum and maximum size in mind (both length and width) of a rug for your intended space. As all our products are handmade and unique, there is usually some variation to the standard sizes.


Hand made rugs and carpets are usually classified into one of three styles - 'All-over design', 'medallion' or 'pictorial'. 'All-over design' rugs generally have a repeating pattern in the field of the rug (within the border). 'Medallion design' rugs typically have a large central motif, with additional smaller details in each corner (within the border). 'Pictorial' rugs have a one-way design, with no repeated patterns. These are often prayer rugs, or commonly feature the tree of life.


In addition, it is useful to consider the design of the rug. Rugs are generally either geometric or floral in style. Geometric designs feature motifs and border details with a lot of 45 degree angles and straight lines. Floral designs are more intricate and curvilinear in design.