This Persian rug has a wool foundation and a wool pile. It is a fine weave, with 305 knots per square inch.


Gabbehs are a type of traditional Persian rug that are well known for their simple designs and thick pile. The rugs are often made by nomadic peoples and are made using natural vegetable dyes. The word Gabbeh comes from a Persian word for uncut or natural, referring to the pile; while many rugs are shaved to a low profile, Gabbehs are left with a deep pile.This is a beautiful multi coloured authentic Gabbeh that features a simple yet colourful design of creams, reds, yellows and blues.

Fine Gabbeh - 193 x 149cm

£1,200.00 Regular Price
£495.00Sale Price
Product No: 1522 Knot Count: 305 KPSI 
Pile: Wool Foundation: Cotton
Thickness: 11mm Hand-Knotted
Origin: Persian Age: New

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