Persian Kerman rugs are very well known for their high quality and precise craftsmanship. This beautiful rug is woven with wool being of the finest quality that is soft to the touch and at a medium length feels very soft underfoot. The rug is laden with large floral motifs that out stretch from the center and the overall feel is of a more European design than traditional Persian.


Product Code: 1356
Material: Wool
Origin: Persian

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Fine Kerman - 415 x 294cm


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    Rugs Underlay

    We stock the best and cheapest underlay specifically designed for both hard flooring (i.e. wood, tiles, stone) and rugs on top of fitted carpet.


    Underlay is recommended for a variety of reasons:

    ·         Over time, hand knotted rugs can lose their shape and become stretched due to foot fall.                     Underlay helps to minimise the degree of stretching that occurs with regular traffic,                   therefore, the shape of the rug is maintained;

    ·         Underlay enhances the feeling of luxury;

    ·         Rugs and carpets can 'migrate' (due to footfall). The movement between the carpet and the               floor creates friction. The friction, over time, causes wear to the knots on the underside of                 the carpet - underlay is designed to stop this migration;


    Our underlay is the best on the market:

    Leaves no residue

    Designed for use on floors with underfloor heating

    Suitable for a wide range of floor types: laminate, parquet, stone floor, ceramic tiles, cork and PVC flooring

    Contains no plasticiser and toxin free

    Suitable for handwashing and machine washable (up to 30°C)

    100% polyester fleece

    Weight: 260g/m2

    Thickness: 3.5mm

    How to Choose the Perfect Rug


    When choosing a rug for a desired room, it is helpful to consider the key furniture within the room, and have an idea of the ‘configuration’ that appeals to you.  We have made plan views for a range of room types, and placed rugs of varying sizes to give an indication of the relative size. This is a helpful starting point to view and select your ideal room configuration.

    Also, it is useful to have an idea of the rug’s minimum and maximum length and width that will suit the intended space/room. Handmade rugs are made to standard sizes, but as they are hand-made there is often variation in these sizes (this may be up to 10 centimetres).



    A key consideration when selecting a rug, is whether the rug is to be centrepiece of the room, or a more subtle item that adds aesthetic interest.

    Rugs that feature more rich and bold colours are generally the classic and Persian rugs. This is due to the historic prevalence of vegetable dyed wool. There is also the option of a contemporary rug with vibrant and rich colours.

    Having said that, with classic design rugs that have been produced more recently, many feature creams and pastel colours. Also, in our contemporary rugs you will find subtle and muted colours, such as taupe, terracotta, peach, grey, silver.


    Another factor to be considered is whether you prefer motifs on your rug such as geometric or floral, or prefer an abstract or plain design.

    How to Look After Your Rug

    Carpets and rugs should be professionally cleaned every two or three years. 


    Regular hoovering is essential and helps to reduce the build up of dust and grit within the foundation of the rug. 


    Regular inspection of rugs and carpets is very important to check for any moth activity – particularly those regions that are hidden beneath furniture. If unchecked moth damage can seriously hurt  your rug and can be expensive to repair.


    We strongly advise against the use of normal steam cleaning and surface cleansing. These methods do not extract the accumulated particles at the foundation of the rug. During such methods, the superficial addition of moisture and fluids results in the particles forming a solid mass. This causes weakening of the fibres, and in the long term damage to both the pile and foundation of your rug.


    If tea, coffee, wine or anything else that leaves stains is spilled on your rug; contact us as soon as possible, and we will be able to remove the stain.


    We strongly advise the use of underlay to prevent slippage and the eventual stretching of your rug.


    We recommend having any damaged areas on your rug repaired or secured to prevent against further damage. 


    We recommend rotating your rug every six months to avoid uneven wear and fading from direct sunlight.

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