This Persian rug has a cotton foundation and a wool pile. It is an above average weave, with 225 knots per square inch.


Isfahan is a city in central Iran with a long tradition of rug making. Like the nearby city of Nain, it is famed for the extraordinary quality of its rugs. The cosmopolitan culture of the city is reflected in the diverse output of its rug makers, the designs being many and varied. The most recognisable Isfahan rugs tend to make use of central medallions surrounded by colourful floral motifs against an ivory or peach background, though there are many that diverge dramatically from this pattern. They are generally made with high quality, hand-spun cork wool (sheared from the neck of the sheep) woven together with silk, giving them a luxuriously soft texture.


This very fine Persian Isfahan is an exquisite rug. The name of the rug comes from the pieces city of origin, Isfahan. Isfahan is situated towards the Centre West of Iran. The town of Isfahan is located in the Isfahan province and is the capital town of that province. Known as an art and cultural centre in the country; the city produces only the finest quality rugs, using only the best materials and highest skilled rug weavers. This Isfahan is quite unique as it uses deep reds, a colour not often found in Isfahan rugs and a clean cream background. Excellent, high quality fine spun wool and a tight weave create a rich, elegant Oriental rug.

Isfahan - 407 x 270cm

Product No: 1520 Knot Count: 225 KPSI 
Pile: Wool Foundation: Cotton
Thickness: 8mm Hand-Knotted
Origin: Persian Age: New

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