Nain rugs and carpets have a strong and well earned reputation. They come in varying degrees. The first is 9la the second 6la and finally the highest grade possible 4la. The final grade is very hard to come by and extremely rare due to its complexity and ultra fine weave. At The Rug Shop of Tunbridge Wells however we believe our clients deserve to see the very best of the best. It is for that reason we created this highly detailed and truly unique 9la Persian Nain rug. It really needs to be seen to appreciate its full level of skill and beauty. The knots are so fine one has to squint to make them out and separate them when looking. The ultra fine weave of fine wool and silk has been carefully and masterfully achieved over two years. All "Akhavan Karimi" Nain rugs come from our own workshop in Iran. Designs are created by our in house designer Raheleh using traditional patterns but adding extra flair and slightly different hues of traditional colouration. In this instance a deep, rich blue was used alongside ivories and golds depicting vast amounts of floral patterns and birds. The Akhavan Karimi Nain can only be bought through us and are highly sought after among our clients. We limit the number produced every few years with every piece taking at least a year or more to finish. We source the finest kork wool which is the softest and strongest type coming from the neck and belly of the sheep and the very best silk. These pieces radiate beauty and are finished to the highest level possible. As such we are both very proud to have them in our collection and also be a part of the history of rug weaving.

Ultra Fine Akhavan Karimi Nain 4La - 209 x 208cm

Product No: 1352 Knot Count: 628 KPSI 
Pile: Wool & Silk Foundation: Cotton
Thickness: 4mm Hand-Knotted
Origin: Persian Age: New

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