This Persian rug has a silk foundation and a wool pile with silk details. It is extremely fine, with 628 knots per square inch.


The central Iranian city of Nain is renowned for its exquisite culture of rug making, which began relatively recently in the 1930s. Nain rugs are famous for their extraordinary level of detail and the exceptional quality of the materials. The exceedingly high number of knots per square inch in Nain rugs allows a level of intricacy that is not possible in other rugs. The designers are free to craft captivating floral patterns around central medallions that have an almost kaleidoscopic quality. The colouring tends to be predominantly light, from ivory to peach with darker colours used sparingly to render details.


The quality of Nain rugs come in varying degrees. The first is 9la, the second 6la and finally the highest grade possible 4la. The final grade is very hard to come by and extremely rare due to its complexity and ultra fine weave. This particular piece is a 4la and was weaved by a famous rug weaving family known as the “Saeedi” family, whose signature appears at either end of the rug. Made from fine wool and silk on a silk foundation, the piece is extremely soft to the touch. The Ornate patterns and gorgeous colouring have been laid out beautifully on this piece. The silk highlights of blues and creams only further add to the pristine quality of this rug.

Ultra Fine Nain 4La - 333 x 252cm

Product No: 1356 Knot Count: 700 KPSI 
Pile: Wool & Silk Foundation: Silk
Thickness: 4mm Hand-Knotted
Origin: Persian Age: New

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