Farahan - 360 x 270cm

Farahan - 360 x 270cm


Afghan rugs are by far some of our best sellers. Afghans are known for weaving some of the strongest quality rugs and carpets with a low pile and a classical floral pattern; this type, known as a Farahan is no exception. Weaved in Afghanistan but, using traditional Persian designs from an area known as “Farahan”; the rugs use a two toned colour scheme which makes the pieces famous. Neutral blues and creams sit together throughout still allowing for highlighting and pattern depiction on the backdrop with varying hues skillfully applied.  A soft duck egg blue overall is applied to the rug. The overall design leaves a calming, soft appearance. This Afghan rug has a traditional floral pattern that is repeated throughout and works well in all styles of home.

Product Code: 1216-46
Material: Wool
Origin: Afghanistan

Available for viewing in situ

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