Nain - 303 x 207cm

Nain - 303 x 207cm


Nain rugs come from the city of Nain which is situated towards the center of Iran. The city of Nain is located in the Isfahan province and, many of the designs of these rugs are inspired by others from around the region. The pieces have a strong and well earned reputation. They come in varying degrees. The first is 9la the second 6la and finally the highest grade possible 4la. The final grade is very hard to come by and extremely rare due to its complexity and ultra fine weave. The 6la or 9la are however, by no means inferior. 6la Nains are in the realm of extremely fine woven rugs. A very tight weave of fine wool and silk is carefully and masterfully achieved typically on a cotton but sometimes silk foundation. 9la pieces are also very fine quality but, not as fine as 6la or 4la. The colours of these pieces are often varying shades of ivory, creams and blue highlights. This peice is Exceptionally unique, With its bright green background; green being a colour not often used in many oriental rugs and carpets.

Product Code: 1097
Material: Wool/Silk
Origin: Persian

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