Qashquli - 147 x 103cm

Qashquli - 147 x 103cm


Qashquli rugs are weaved by a semi-nomadic group of people of the same name who are based around the town of Shiraz in in southern Iran. They are famous for producing exceptionally fine pieces. The Qashquli tribe is closely related to the Qashqai tribes people. As such many of the unique designs of the Qashqai are used as inspiration for creating rugs such as this one. Qashquli rugs always use exceptional wool and are mostly based on a cotton foundation. Their medium, dense wool pile offer a wonderful feeling underfoot and bring cosiness to any space. The bold primary colours make them warm and inviting and are very popular due to that fact. They often show floral patterns, geometric patterns and have highly stylised animal and people motifs. 

Product Code: 1452
Material: Wool
Origin: Persian

Available for viewing in situ

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