Fine Isfahan - 176 x 109cm

Fine Isfahan - 176 x 109cm


This very fine Persian Isfahan is an exquisite rug. The name of the rug comes from the pieces city of origin, Isfahan. Isfahan is situated towards the Centre West of Iran. The town of Isfahan is located in the Isfahan province and is the capital town of that province. Known as an art and cultural centre in the country; the city produces only the finest quality rugs, using only the best materials and highest skilled rug weavers. Wool and silk used together with harmonious soft pastel shades. Blues contrast as a highlight to the softer tones and bring the piece depth and clarity. The softest and finest spun wool with gentle dyes have been used. Ultra fine and an instant classic piece that will impress any viewer. The rug is adorned with birds and delicate floral motifs displayed into the tree of life design.

Product Code: B06-13
Material: Wool/Silk
Origin: Persian

Available for viewing in situ

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