Fine Kashan - 220 x 144cm

Fine Kashan - 220 x 144cm


Kashan rugs come from the city of Kashan found in the centre of Iran. It is one of the worlds oldest cities, with a history going back thousands of years with Kashan rugs being produced in the city from around the 17th century. The rugs are of very fine quality and use the softest kork wool from the sheep, which is often reserved for fine pieces. The designs often feature a central medallion and floral design inspired by many of the cities old gardens. The colours used are often rich reds, ivories and blues. This Fine Kashan rug features the signature of the weavers who produce the rug; the signature reads “Shad Sar” who’s rugs are much sought after in the oriental carpet world.

Product Code: TRS002

Material: Wool/Cotton

Origin: Persian

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