Antique Ziegler Mahal - 425 x 309cm

Antique Ziegler Mahal - 425 x 309cm


Mahal rugs are produced in the north western Iranian Village of the same name. They are some of the most celebrated village weaves in the entire region. This piece however, was produced by the European company known as Zeigle & Co, using traditional Mahal designs. The difference between the Zeigler Mahal’s and those from the Mahal Vilagers is that the Zeigler rugs are of much finer quality, producing tighter weaves and, made with higher quality wool and dyes. Zeigler Mahal rugs are highly sought after by interior designers due to their rarity and suitability to rooms when placed in situ. The lovely colours and finely spun wool in this piece are found aged to perfection. The charming colouration of the piece can only be achieved through age. The cream background and beige borders lifts the display of pink, blue, yellow and peach coloured floral motifs.

Product Code: H-K 1117

Material: Wool

Origin: Iran

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