Fine Akhavan Karimi Qum Silk - 115 x 79cm

Fine Akhavan Karimi Qum Silk - 115 x 79cm


The "Akhavan Karimi" Qum rugs come from our own workshop in Iran. Designs are created by our in house designer Raheleh using traditional patterns but adding extra flair and her own unique touch to them. These are wonderful collector pieces but are made to be used, loved and lived with. The Qum range are made entirely from silk giving them a very fine finish and extremely tight weave. The Akhavan Karimi silk Qum rug can only be bought through us and are highly sought after among our clients. We limit the number produced every few years with every piece taking at least a year or more to finish. We source the finest and the very best silk. These pieces radiate beauty and are finished to the highest level possible. As such we are both very proud to have them in our collection and also be a part of the history of rug weaving.

Product Code: 1382
Material: Silk
Origin: Persian

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