Yalameh - 101 x 72cm

Yalameh - 101 x 72cm


Persian Yalameh rugs are made by now settled nomadic people in central Iran. The Yalameh people (which the rugs are named after) weave their pieces using very finely spun wool and create much finer quality pieces compared to nomadic rug weavers . The geometric base designs of the rug are similar to tribal rugs but are now made before weaving begins. However, many of the floral and animal motifs found throughout the centre of the rug are added in by the weaver during the weaving process, which add that much sought after personal touch. The colours used in Yalameh rugs are often a mixture of bright reds, blues and greens which are sometimes contrasted by darker navy blues or purples.

Product Code: 1565

Material: Wool

Origin: Persian

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