Learn of the various styles we sell with our brief range guide. Each style features unique, handmade rugs with their own beauty. From timeless classical elegance, to modern bold statements, there is sure to be something for every room and every taste. Accentuate, anchor and complete the look of your home with one of our fine rugs. Click on any of the images to view our full catalogue for each range.


Our range of contemporary rugs and carpets have been influenced by the most current and cutting edge designers around. Designs are as varied as the number of decorating styles found today, but the one unifying factor is they are all top quality.

The majority of our Contemporary range feature a wool and silk pile.

Most designs are produced with subtle colours and fairly unadorned, to ensure they complement many interiors.

The Legacy range is produced using the most finely handspun wool available. The rugs and carpets are based on the classical oriental designs, but adapted to suit modern tastes.

The colours are typically muted to complement modern interiors and the classical designs have been 'trimmed down' to create a more sophisticated look.

These high quality rugs and carpets are inspired by the elegance and grace of classical floral designs, and transfer them to a modern design.

The end result is a contemporary design with classic influence. Colours are typically muted to complement modern interiors.

Botanic rugs and carpets typically feature floral and curvilinear patterns that are both elegant and graceful. For all botanic rugs a pattern is produced (before weaving commences). This pattern is thoughtfully and carefully designed to allow a balanced and stylish rug to be produced.

All Botanic rugs have a cotton foundation and woollen pile. The wool used is fine-twist wool, so the botanic rugs are of a fine quality. The wool can either be vegetable dyed or chemical dyed.

The Botanic rugs we stock include Persian rugs such as Kashan and Mashhad, and also those from other regions such as Afghan Farahan, Ziegler and Indian Agra.

Patchwork rugs and carpets are the ultimate blend of classic and contemporary. Sections of old rugs with classic designs are reconfigured to produce an edgy contemporary feel. The reconfigured rug is then dyed a modern and vibrant colour to complement many of today's interiors.

Reloaded rugs and carpets are classically designed older pieces that are specially treated to fade the rug. They are then dyed all over with an energetic and modern colour.

Oblique rugs and carpets are characterised by their geometric patterns, and small colourful motifs. These rugs are either produced in rug weaving villages, or by tribal people.

The tribal weavers use materials that they can easily access - therefore most oblique rugs they produce have a woolen foundation and woollen pile. All of the processes that are required to produce the oblique rug are carried out by the tribes-people themselves - from shearing the sheep to spinning the wool and dying it (if vegetable dyes are used).

Those oblique rugs produced by the village weavers also feature woolen piles, and the wool is either vegetable dyed or chemical dyed. The weavers have access to a full range of supplies. In addition, these oblique rugs typically have a cotton foundation, meaning that the oblique rugs produced in villages are generally slightly finer in quality (compared to those produced by tribal people).

The oblique rugs and carpets we stock include Persian rugs such as Qashqai, Shiraz, Hamedan, Turkaman, Balouch and Bakhtiyar and those from other regions such as the Afghan Kazak, Aqcha and Khan Mohammadi.


Our range of antique rugs and carpets have been sourced from a variety of origins. All hold their own unique colouration and pattern. Due to our very hands-on buying process, we stock some very unique and rare Antique rugs and carpets. These are rugs that are enjoyed and cherished by the collector and non collector alike.