This Persian runner has a wool foundation and a wool pile. It is an above average weave, with 225 knots per square inch.


Persian Qashqai rugs are one of the most well known tribal rugs you can buy. Woven by the Qashqai tribe people, these authentic rugs bring warmth and depth to any setting. The Qashqai are a nomadic people by tradition, and their rugs are weaved using natural dyes, wool and even goats hair they have on hand. The patterns found in the rugs aren't planned out ahead of time, but are created from the weavers own mind following traditional designs.

Due to limitations in loom sizes, Qashqai rugs aren't often larger than six metres sqaured. Nafar is the name of a sub group within the Qashqai people, and they are responsible for producing this piece. 

Nafar - 198 x 80cm

Product No: 1721 Knot Count: 225 KPSI 
Pile: Wool Foundation: Wool
Thickness: 6mm Hand-Knotted
Origin: Persian Age: New

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