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Create Your Own Bespoke Rug

If you've searched everywhere and still can't find the perfect rug, it might be time to consider going bespoke. We have strong relationships with several excellent rug makers, so we can make sure that your rug is made to your exact specifications. The simplest way to start is to adapt an existing design, but we can also help you to create a totally original rug with your own personalised pattern.


How to Get Started

Follow these steps to begin designing your very own bespoke rug:

Colours and Size

When you design a rug with us, these are the two main things to consider. We use an internationally recognised standard set of colours to communicate your specifications to the manufacturer, so you can be confident that the colours you choose will be the ones you get.


As far as size goes, anything up to five metres wide is straight-forward. Larger rugs are possible, but require special arrangements due to limitations on space and loom-size.


Adapt an Existing Design

The easiest way to start making your bespoke rug is to customise an existing design. If you see something you like on our site but the colours or size aren't right, we can pass your specifications on to the manufacturer and have it made your way. 

Bespoke Rug adapted from an existing rug design

Start From Scratch

If you have your own idea for a rug, we can have it made for you. Simply bring us your design, choose your colours from our internationally recognised standard set, and we will do the rest.


Get in touch

If you are interested in learning more about our bespoke rug making service, you are welcome to contact us by phone or email:   |   01892 614 444

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