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Neutral colours offer a range of benefits for any space. They provide a calming and soothing effect, making them perfect for bedrooms and living rooms. Additionally, neutral rugs are versatile and can easily complement any decor style. Neutral rugs are a timeless and practical addition to any home.

Neutral / Beautiful


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Neutral tones feature across our entire range of both modern and classic rugs, so you're certain to find the right piece which ever way you choose to go.

Spotlight on Choobi Rugs

One of the most popular options for those seeking to create a stylish space with neutral colours is the 'Choobi'. The Farsi word choobi means 'of wood', and refers to the earth tones that predominate in the design. The patterns tend to be composed of classic "Shah-Abassi" floral motifs, rendered in subtle creams and browns, often with a more vibrant secondary colour in the background. These rugs are incredibly versatile and tend to slot into basically any space.

A ready-made colour pallette


Choobis and other neutrally toned rugs often incorporate a number of subtle secondary colours. Why not accentuate them with stronger shades in accessories like cushions, ornaments, or lamp-shades?


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Use neutral colours to create a relaxed yet elegant interior. Browse our entire range of neutral toned rugs below.

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