Hand-Knotted Oriental
Rugs & Carpets

The Rug Shop of Tunbridge Wells offers a wide range of hand-knotted rugs, including modern, oriental, Persian and kilim hand-made rugs & carpets.

Our wide range includes rugs and carpets from the world’s most renowned rug weaving nations, including Persian rugs, Afghan rugs, Indian rugs and Nepalese rugs (among others).


New Arrivals

Our Oriental rug collection features some of the finest Persian, Afghan, Indian, Pakistani and Turkish rugs that can be found in the U.K. These Oriental rugs feature a range of different styles including floral, geometric, tribal and pictorial rug designs. Each of the Oriental rugs and carpets within this collection has been hand-knotted by highly skilled rug weavers. Only the highest quality materials are sourced to make these rugs. We ensure that the wool, silk and cotton used to create these fine Oriental rugs and carpets is the very best.