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Cleaning and Repair

Cleaning Process III

Full Immersion Wash

Our rug cleaning technique is like a spa holiday for your rug. Over the years its fibres become tired, stiff with residues and choked with dust, but after a few days in our facility all the hardship is forgotten. Your rug is returned bright and fresh, soft to the touch and ready to restore your space to the cosy nest of luxury it once was. How is this transformation achieved? The answer lies in our full immersion wash.

The Persian Bath

Once we have removed the dust from the rug, we fully submerge it in a large, shallow pool with a constant flow of crystal-clear water. During this stage, the movement of the water through the rug carries away all the microscopic contaminants that are left in the foundation and pile. This alone is not enough to achieve the transformative results that leave our customers speechless, however. What really brings the life back into the rug is the three-stage application of detergent, shampoo, and conditioner.

We choose the most suitable products for your rug, taking into account the materials and dyes used in its manufacture to ensure that the colours stay fast, and the fibres are properly cared for. We use a rotating buffer with a soft bristle brush to gently massage the lather into the back of the rug, and then do the same on the front to ensure total saturation. The soaps break down any residues on the fibres, making them easy to rinse out, while the conditioner serves to soften the pile and impart a luxuriously fluffy texture by reducing friction between the knots.

The cleaning products are then expunged from the rug along with the emulsified impurities. This is achieved both by the passive movement of the water through the rug in the bath, and by directly targeted jets from a pressure washer. We continue until the water is running clear and there is no soap left in the rug.

Water Removal

Now the rug is clean, all that remains is to get it dry. This is easier said than done but will be explained in the next post.

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