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Cleaning and Repair

Cleaning Process IV

Water Removal and Drying

The final step in our process is to get the rugs dry. After the full immersion wash, the rugs are soaking wet and too heavy to hang. If left in this state, the colours would eventually start to run, and the rugs would become an attractive spot for malodourous moulds.

Getting your rug dry

Fortunately, we have a range of methods to purge the water from the rug. We start by emptying the bath and brushing the water out of the pile using a traditional Persian tool called a Parou. This brushing motion also helps to straighten out the pile, which by now is generally quite disorderly.

At this point the rug is still soaking and several times its normal weight. To remove the rest of the water, we roll it up and transfer it to one of our centrifuges. Here, it is spun around at tremendous speeds, forcing the water out from deep within the rug.

When it no longer yields any water, the machine is stopped and the rug is finally ready to be hung in our humidity-controlled drying room, where the dry air allows the remaining moisture to slowly evaporate. This gentle and controlled drying process prevents the kind of loss of shape and microbial growth that can result from more pro-active, heat-based drying techniques.

Finishing Touches

After a few days when we are satisfied that the rug is fully dry, it is taken down and laid flat. We brush the pile back to its original orientation and straighten out any messy fringes, and it is finally ready to be delivered back to the customer.

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